Council of Thieves

Entering Delvehaven

entering the old pathfinder lodge

Players this game:

This game picked up where the last game had left off after the party had retrieved the ashes of Corinana Heavescape and used the candles they had received to speak to her ghost. The ghost told them of the location of a secret stash of items that the party would need to enter Delhaven. The ghost went on to describe the final days of Delvehaven and the schism between the two highest ranked pathfinders Donatalus Bisby and Ilnorik Sivasanish (sp) who had a falling out around the time of Aroden’s failed resurrection. These two pathfinders had retrieved an item of exceptional power that belonged to a deceased demon that could control the shadows and may be linked to the living shadows that roam Westcrown at night. This item was described as a Gold and black thing with a bird and a bat head. Bisby is rumored to have been sealed in Delvehaven and may have turned into a vampire, necessitating the need for items that can fight undead. The party was directed to find a hidden portal consisting of a door over the water in the bay of Westcrown that contained the following items:

Loot we got from the door way over the waves:
Small wooden bench, locker: 6 sets of false ID papers, house of thrune, outdated but +2 to bluff against Cheliax authorities
4 potions of Gaseous forms
6 CLW potions
6 lesser restoration potions
thin wooden folio, several scrolls
3 scrolls of dispel magic
3 scrolls of erase
scroll of sunburst
Scroll of true seeing
wand of restoration
Key ring lies around potion bottle

After retrieving these items the party met with a new adventurer that Javelin recruited to help them in their quest: A barbarian named Grah! (Brad’s character). The four adventurers then set out to Delvehaven. Upon approaching the grounds of the complex, the Merl used her ledgermancy to open a window so they could go through a less direct route into the complex and avoid as many traps. While entering the lodge, Merl was unfortunate enough to set off one of the traps, engulfing her in a impenetrable sphere that then was filled with a hungry swarm. Luckily she was able to dispell the sphere using the scrolls they acquired from the vault in Cutlass cove, but had to use two of the 3 scrolls in order for her to escape. Once she was freed from the sphere, Merl cast Frost Fell to kill the swarm with a vengeance. After this encounter we cut the game early, so we can pick back up from the spot we left off from this point.

XP earned this game:400
Total Xp for the party: 29,753


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