Council of Thieves

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Clearing out the Grave yard
Saving kids, killing shadow creatures

Lelia Rose and Sadin were introduced to the group. The game started in Bastion’s new church. Bastion dedicated himself to the service of Iomedae.
The party was startled into action after screams were heard in the graveyard next door, which no one had bothered to cleanse from the evil that had taken over the church yet. The party defeated several shadow beasts and creepy guys that could turn invisible, however the party was wounded and tired by the time they made it to the Mausoleum (cue song by Chet li) everyone was wounded and tired. The party encountered a ice plant growing on some brown mold which expanded when it absorbed heat. Merl ended up collecting some of the brown mold in a vial but not with out taking 14 points of damage.

Chet-li and Corriander got 100 extra xp for figuring out that you could cut of tentacles of the ice plant and use it against the mold and how to get around the ice plant.

Next game we will pick up where we left off in the mausoleum and try to rescue the children and thwart the evil that has taken over the graveyard.

Getting our Parts for the Murder Play
murder play, storyline,

The team was approached by Jaevlin concerning secrets locked away in the old Pathfinder lodge that may lead to getting rid of the shadow beasts that walk around at night. Before the team enter Delhaven (as one does not simply walk into Delhaven) they must first get a key from the Mayor (Aberian_Arvanxi)’s mansion located in the Prince Sector of the City. The only way to get in is though an invitation to an exclusive party the mayor plans to host at his house. The team finds out that the Mayor is a fan of theatre and that they are re-enacting the play the Six Trials of Larazod. The team tries out for the play and gets the following parts:
Larazod Rilsane – Chet Li (Trevor)
Dentris Malagrada – Kira (Stephanie)
Tybain Obeisan – Bastion (Robert)
Drovalid Vorclune – Atlas (Dave)

Merl and Abbie are back stage for the performances.

The rest of the game consisted of play practice and befriending various members of the cast and crew. All together the team has 11700 xp. The game ended with an arena battle against some strange dinosaur creatures the team went into for money and each earned 800 gold.

Other notable events of the game
-Chet li hooked up with 3 women at the same time, but failed his constitution check for the last one leaving one of the women disappointed (but he won’t say who).
-Merl made friends with the old hump back illusionist who has agreed to help the team when they are in the murder play
-Kira befriended the insufferable Thesing and has started bringing him to parties, which makes things awkward
-Chet li is also working on trying to get noticed by the bisexual Mayor
-The characters made a plan to break into the mansion while the party is going on
-Atlas was enlarged by Kira’s spell and tore off the heads and stomped into mush several dinosaur creatures in the arena which was met with lots of loud cheering and applause from the blood thirsty crowd.

Next game: We put on the murder play!

The Sixfold Trials of Larazod
We owned the Murder play

This game was the much anticipated murder play: The Sixfold Trial of Larazod. The team all did a dramatic reading of the place with each of our respective parts and earned much esteem for the crowd. The play went by the script all the way to the end, when the Hell Knight whose armor Bastion had acquired when the party stole it crashed the play and attacked the party. The party was able to defeat him but not before he escaped once again. The play ended with a standing ovation from the crowd, and all the party was sent invitations to the Mayor’s party.

Total xp from this: 17000
Level: 5th
each of the players got 2800 gold.

Next game will be the Mayor’s party where the party will enact the theft of the key to the Pathfinder’s Guild while the party is ongoing.

Other events of note:
Chet Li is on his way to joining the Pathfinder’s thanks to his extended oratory skills.
Each of the character in the play get 3 fame points

Halloween Nightmare game
filler game,

This game took place on 10/19/12. During this game each of the characters woke up alone in a very fearful situation. Each of the monsters that attacked the characters was trying to get them to use fire to burn down the church they were living. As it turned out the necromancer that still occupied the graveyard next door was using dreams to try to get the players to burn down the church, but luckily the players resisted the temptation.

For this game we earned 1000xp for 18000 xp total.

The necromancer is still at large in the graveyard.

Robbing the Knot
storyline game

This game was the start of the much anticipated party at the Mayor’s mansion where the players planned to rob Asmodeus’ Knot to get the key to Delhaven. Capt Merl used her contacts with in the Halfling Liberation Front to get a job on the weight staff during the feast. She ensured that her party’s food wasn’t laced with drugs so that they would not fall into the madness of consumption and orgies that ensued during the feast. Once the rest of the party revelers were distracted, the team proceeded into the depths of the manor and found Asmodeus Knot, where the keys to Delhaven were stored. The Knot turned out to be a massive dungeon where the Mayor kept both his magical items and citizens that had fallen out of his favor.

During this games Kira (Steph’s character) was shot with a crossbow and poisoned, and Atlas was struck with Quills. Capt Merl collected one of the Quills for her alchemy collection.

We received 2 healing potions and 2 potions of restoration,

Current XP total after this was 19000 xp .
We paused the game here to resume later on when Abbie came back from Virginia.

Continuing to Rob the Knot
still stuck in the dungeon looking for the key

On this game the players continued our dungeon crawl of Asmoedus’ knot. The party encountered several rooms that caused a -2 to dexterity when we tried to perceive the room due to the strange physics-altering magic on the rooms. In the first room, the party found a dead ork wearing a belt of Giant Strength +2) that was given to Atlas. Steph’s character sensed for hidden doors and the players found a room which contained two portals to the shadow realm. Abbie’s character smashed them both, which resulted in the party being saved from constant assaults of shadow creatures and earned the team 1600 xp. Next the players proceeded deeper into the dungeon and came upon a room where they encountered the thief Drowned Gabe in a pool with two other ghouls. The party killed the 3 monsters in this room and recovered a mask, 4 amethysts, a wand of levitation which was given to Steph.
The players then proceeded deeper into the dungeon where they then encountered a row of prison cells. One of the cells contained blood from a recent murder the Steph was able to sample and learn spells from with her crazy witch abilities. In the other room, there was a bearded devil talking to himself stuck in the cell. Abbie’s character had gone around in the hall to scope it out, when suddenly the devil teleported into the hall, sensing a magic item that Abbie has on his character but gets really defensive when we try to ask him about it. The team proceeded to do battle with the demon, killing him. Upon his death the devil was sucked up into a stone belonging to Steph’s character and now she will receive powers from him. The devil’s weapon was then left over. After some bickering as to who should grab the sword, Atlas finally grabbed the sword and put it on his back due to the fact he doesn’t use weapons.
Next up the characters wandered into a room with a living ball of chains which only tried to strike Abbie, then into a maze. At this point the party was seperated and it took several turns to be reunited. During this time Abbie’s character wandered off alone into a new set of rooms that consisted of different fears he was to conquer. Abbie made his way through the fear of fire room and into a room with several bad guys that made it clear he was in over his head. At this point the rest of the party finally made it out of the maze and sought him out to join Abbie, and that is where we ended the game.
Next game: finish moving through Asmodeus Knot.
XP for the party up to this game: 20, 750
next level (6th) at 23000

The final part of Asmodus Knot
The final part of the long hard knot

Players this game:

On the final part of Asmodus’ Knot, the players skipped past facing their fears and ended up in the bowels of the dungeon, where all the filth and waste collects at the bottom of the dungeon. Here the party encountered a water elemental in the filth that sucked in its advasaries. Thanks in large part to Atlas’ grappling (It rhymes), the party vanquished the monster in the muck and proceeded on Chet Li’s floating disk to a small island. There they found an amulet that Capt. Merl picked up in curiosity. At that moment she was linked to the presence inside which turned out to be the Mayor before the last trapped in the amulet for 70 years who had gone insane. The amulet guided the party through the annoyingly long maze and into the area where treasure could be found. In the first room the party fought a mummi that they killed with fire. In this room was found a wide assortment of miraculous loot including: Treasure hunting spy glass for the Capt.
Next they came to a huge open gate area and battled a multi tentacle armed creature known as the King. Again the enlarge spells and Atlas’ grapple dominated the foe.
Here the group found 20 chests which included the following:

Inside one chest are several pounds of long-outdated investment papers, lists of debts, and various notes on blackmail victims—while once totaling nearly 120,000 gp in value, these papers are now worthless thanks to the passage of time and the deaths of most involved. Of
greater value are this chest’s other contents, including several valuable books. These books include an early Andoren philosophy book worth 200 gp, an illustrated scenic journey through Osirion worth 230 gp, a three-volume work on the teachings of a spirit naga entitled the Libra Malfactum worth 400 gp, and a spellbook containing 30 spells of your choice (10 of 1st level, 10 of 2nd level, seven of 3rd level, and three of 4th level). Hidden in the spine of the spellbook is a scroll of contagion (CL 9th). Under the books is a layer of 1,300 gp, along with a narrow ivory box with a carved lid depicting an army of golems destroying a city wall. The box is worth 800 gp, and it contains a golembane scarab and a wand of rusting grasp with 7 charges.

Stuff in the Chest

The party still needs to split up all this loot.

In the other chest the party retrieved the Cheliax Crux: which was gifted to Chet Li

The party then found themselves in front of 3 doors which transported them back to the church. When trying to leave, the amulet tried to seduce the Capt to staying, but luckily the capt was able to resist the temptation of the necklace, and left the dungeon. The amulet lost the presence inside it and will be re purposed towards other magical endeavors.

XP earned this game: 1700
Total xp of the party to this point: 25, 550
Party achieved 6th level

The Summoner Arena
Summoner Battle where Steph really gets to flex her demon's muscle

Players this game:

The party returned to the church and opened the Crux. In it they found some information about the Key to Delhaven, including a letter listing clues to where the party could discover where the key would be found. Among those keys the only ones that the party had access to was one located in a fallen house’s summoner gladiator arena. Here the bust of the Venture-Captain Aiger Ghaelfin was rumored to be found. The bust is actually a composit of his own dead body, therefore candles that allow one to speak to the dead were found along with the Crux. The party set out to find this bust and showed up at the summoner arena. There they were greeted very warmly by the head of the lesser noble house that ran the summoner arena, who looked like a pirate. He was especially interested in Chet Li. The players decided to enter the summoning battle in order to force the Witch to use her summoning ability and put her newly acquired skill set and pets to use. The night before the match the Most Defensive Rouge poisoned the food of the competing summoner. In the morning the summoner that the Witch battled was pretty loaded and had lots of spell failure. He wasn’t able to keep it up long, and in a huge rage quit, he tried to actually harm the Witch. This resulted in a sound ass stomping by the rest of the party. The party then looted his fallen body (this was a really rough kind of place, ok?) and found 1 mithril staff (4800 gold) and diamond dust that the capt kept. At the end of the fight, the party members who bet 50 gold made 500 gold thanks the Witch’s victory and the party was lead to the back to see the bust.

Xp earned for this game: 1600
Xp Total now: 27250

Next game the party will light the candles around the bust and ask him about Coriana Heavenscap

Papers addressed to Mayor Vheed
vheed, papers

Mayor Vheed—
Presented below is what I have been able to piece together regarding the Pathfinders
who escaped notice after they sealed Delvehaven during the initial riots in the pre-Thrune
unpleasantness. After the passage of seventy-some years, it would seem likely that only
Sivanshin still lives, and if you wish, I can send my agents north to Nidal to attempt to
find him. The use of grave tallow to interrogate those who have been dead these past
several decades ironically makes them more available to interview than Sivanshin—provided
we can find their remains, of course. I am happy to report that I’ve made some progress
in that area.
1. Donatalus Bisby: Leader of Amber Privateers and one of only two survivors of a journey to
darkest Mwangi—he has firsthand knowledge of at least one magical artifact that could well
serve our needs for control. It would seem Bisby was sealed inside one of Delvehaven’s lower
vaults as the others fled, but I’m unclear if this was a voluntary sacrifice.
2. Ilnerik Sivanshin: Bisby’s chronicler, a half-elf, Sivanshin fled Westcrown a week before
Aroden’s Fall. Evidence suggests he fled north, toward Nidal, and with a stolen relic.
3. Coriana Heavenscape: A Westcrown native and, if rumor is to be believed, an aasimar,
Coriana remained in Westcrown and organized the Father’s Bulwark, one of many groups
of rebels glorious Thrune smashed in the pursuit of establishing order. She was slain
and her remains collected by the Sisters of Eiseth—I’ve got them sifting through their
holdings in an attempt to find her.
4. Loremaster Liriam: Delvehaven’s master of lore—no other would know more about the
vaults below. Alas, no evidence of his survival has surfaced—like Bisby, his remains might
still lie within Delvehaven. I do suspect he was the author of “Cugny’s Wedding,” and if
so, your suspicion that it is a cipher may well be correct.
5. * Venture-Captain Aiger Ghaelfin: Aiger was certainly the one who ordered the sealing*
of Delvehaven. My early research indicated that he planned on fleeing Cheliax for Absalom,
but further investigation revealed this to be false. He remained in Westcrown and fought
alongside Coriana in the Father’s Bulwark, but was laid low by a Thrune wizard who
petrified him and then smashed the resulting statue. Scuttlebutt among the blood bookie
circuit is that the remains of the man’s petrified body have been in the possession of
one of the lesser noble houses involved in bloodsport, but I’ve not yet determined which
family (I suspect the Luccas). These filthy has-been nobles play well enough when faced
with Thrunish agents, but without the direct aid of your allies, master, I’m afraid I
won’t be able to learn more…


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