Council of Thieves

Getting our Parts for the Murder Play
murder play, storyline,

The team was approached by Jaevlin concerning secrets locked away in the old Pathfinder lodge that may lead to getting rid of the shadow beasts that walk around at night. Before the team enter Delhaven (as one does not simply walk into Delhaven) they must first get a key from the Mayor (Aberian_Arvanxi)’s mansion located in the Prince Sector of the City. The only way to get in is though an invitation to an exclusive party the mayor plans to host at his house. The team finds out that the Mayor is a fan of theatre and that they are re-enacting the play the Six Trials of Larazod. The team tries out for the play and gets the following parts:
Larazod Rilsane – Chet Li (Trevor)
Dentris Malagrada – Kira (Stephanie)
Tybain Obeisan – Bastion (Robert)
Drovalid Vorclune – Atlas (Dave)

Merl and Abbie are back stage for the performances.

The rest of the game consisted of play practice and befriending various members of the cast and crew. All together the team has 11700 xp. The game ended with an arena battle against some strange dinosaur creatures the team went into for money and each earned 800 gold.

Other notable events of the game
-Chet li hooked up with 3 women at the same time, but failed his constitution check for the last one leaving one of the women disappointed (but he won’t say who).
-Merl made friends with the old hump back illusionist who has agreed to help the team when they are in the murder play
-Kira befriended the insufferable Thesing and has started bringing him to parties, which makes things awkward
-Chet li is also working on trying to get noticed by the bisexual Mayor
-The characters made a plan to break into the mansion while the party is going on
-Atlas was enlarged by Kira’s spell and tore off the heads and stomped into mush several dinosaur creatures in the arena which was met with lots of loud cheering and applause from the blood thirsty crowd.

Next game: We put on the murder play!

Clearing out the Grave yard
Saving kids, killing shadow creatures

Lelia Rose and Sadin were introduced to the group. The game started in Bastion’s new church. Bastion dedicated himself to the service of Iomedae.
The party was startled into action after screams were heard in the graveyard next door, which no one had bothered to cleanse from the evil that had taken over the church yet. The party defeated several shadow beasts and creepy guys that could turn invisible, however the party was wounded and tired by the time they made it to the Mausoleum (cue song by Chet li) everyone was wounded and tired. The party encountered a ice plant growing on some brown mold which expanded when it absorbed heat. Merl ended up collecting some of the brown mold in a vial but not with out taking 14 points of damage.

Chet-li and Corriander got 100 extra xp for figuring out that you could cut of tentacles of the ice plant and use it against the mold and how to get around the ice plant.

Next game we will pick up where we left off in the mausoleum and try to rescue the children and thwart the evil that has taken over the graveyard.

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