Council of Thieves

Taking down the Sisters

the next step to Delhaven

Players this game
Paul T.

For this gaming session, the characters entered the Massacre House in hopes of retrieving the ashes of Coriana Heavescape and discerning the way into Delhaven. Thanks to the intel they had gathered from the spirit of the sister who had been sent to kill Chet Li, the party was able to approach the house stealthily. Using her Ledgermancy, Merl opened the door to the Massacre house catching the sisters off guard. The party then was embroiled in a battle with several of the remaining of the monks in the order. Making their way into the Massacre house, They all encountered a large fire demon that the party battled and was sent to a watery grave thanks to the spellcraft of the Capt.
The party then descended into the dungeon where the remains of all the order’s victims are entombed. There they were surprised to find Bastion’s armor in its corporeal form of an avenging spirit. The spirit attacked them ruthlessly focusing the bulk of his aggressions on Abbie’s character. Then in an unexpected twist, the Armor declared it had what it came for, and grabbing Abbie’s character by the head pulled him down into hell.
The party found out the armor was the angry spirit of one of the men they had killed during their ambush of the guards transporting the leader of the Children of Westcrown:
Apparently after the party had killed him, he was given the choice to extract his revenge and will continue to pursue the party for as long as he is able to materialize. This will be something the party needs to figure out a way to remedy.
After the surprising death of their comrade, the party was left in shock. They recovered the remains of Coriana Heavenscape and some other magical items that were kept in the Urns. Karkara decided he would use his noble influence and wealth to put some resources and restore the area. Also the Massacre house seemed like a good place to set up another base of operations.

XP earned for this game:
1000 xp

XP for the party up to this point

Still need to get our magic items and find out what the remains of Coriana said

Items we got off the Sisters:
Masterwork Light crossbow
Masterwork Bladed Scarf
Potion of cure light wounds
Mystery potion
10 poison bolts for Crossbow


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