Council of Thieves

The Summoner Arena

Summoner Battle where Steph really gets to flex her demon's muscle

Players this game:

The party returned to the church and opened the Crux. In it they found some information about the Key to Delhaven, including a letter listing clues to where the party could discover where the key would be found. Among those keys the only ones that the party had access to was one located in a fallen house’s summoner gladiator arena. Here the bust of the Venture-Captain Aiger Ghaelfin was rumored to be found. The bust is actually a composit of his own dead body, therefore candles that allow one to speak to the dead were found along with the Crux. The party set out to find this bust and showed up at the summoner arena. There they were greeted very warmly by the head of the lesser noble house that ran the summoner arena, who looked like a pirate. He was especially interested in Chet Li. The players decided to enter the summoning battle in order to force the Witch to use her summoning ability and put her newly acquired skill set and pets to use. The night before the match the Most Defensive Rouge poisoned the food of the competing summoner. In the morning the summoner that the Witch battled was pretty loaded and had lots of spell failure. He wasn’t able to keep it up long, and in a huge rage quit, he tried to actually harm the Witch. This resulted in a sound ass stomping by the rest of the party. The party then looted his fallen body (this was a really rough kind of place, ok?) and found 1 mithril staff (4800 gold) and diamond dust that the capt kept. At the end of the fight, the party members who bet 50 gold made 500 gold thanks the Witch’s victory and the party was lead to the back to see the bust.

Xp earned for this game: 1600
Xp Total now: 27250

Next game the party will light the candles around the bust and ask him about Coriana Heavenscap


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