Council of Thieves

The Sixfold Trials of Larazod

We owned the Murder play

This game was the much anticipated murder play: The Sixfold Trial of Larazod. The team all did a dramatic reading of the place with each of our respective parts and earned much esteem for the crowd. The play went by the script all the way to the end, when the Hell Knight whose armor Bastion had acquired when the party stole it crashed the play and attacked the party. The party was able to defeat him but not before he escaped once again. The play ended with a standing ovation from the crowd, and all the party was sent invitations to the Mayor’s party.

Total xp from this: 17000
Level: 5th
each of the players got 2800 gold.

Next game will be the Mayor’s party where the party will enact the theft of the key to the Pathfinder’s Guild while the party is ongoing.

Other events of note:
Chet Li is on his way to joining the Pathfinder’s thanks to his extended oratory skills.
Each of the character in the play get 3 fame points


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