Council of Thieves

Backstabbing the Assassins

Sisters of the Golden Erinyes and meeting Kaskara

Players this game
Paul T.

The party picked up where they had last left off after entering the summoner arena. They spoke to the bust of Venture-Captain Aiger Ghaelfin who told them the the remains of Corinana were entombed with in the catacombs of the Massacre House, owned by the Sisters of the Golden Erinyes. While speaking to the bust, Javelin entered with a new member that was to assist them with the recovery of the key to Delhaven, a waterkin Cleric named Kaskara. The party came up with a plan to use Kaskara’s noble contacts to put a hit out on Chet Li for some perceived offense and set it up that the sisters would try to take Chet li out during a fake duel in the graveyard adjacent to the church. The party then hid while the Sisters came up to try to complete their mission. While in the graveyard, the necormancer’s minions that the party still totally needs to deal with also attacked them and the sisters alike. Capt Merl was able to subdue one of the Sisters only to have Kira’s bearded demon stab her in the stomach and kill her. Kira then spoke to the dead spirit of the Sister and ascertained information about how to infiltrate the Massacre House.

Next game the party will infiltrate the Massacre House and try to recover the remains of Coriana Heavanscape

XP earned for this game:
Total to this point:


XP earned this game: 1300
Total up to this point: 28,353

Backstabbing the Assassins
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