Council of Thieves

The final part of Asmodus Knot

The final part of the long hard knot

Players this game:

On the final part of Asmodus’ Knot, the players skipped past facing their fears and ended up in the bowels of the dungeon, where all the filth and waste collects at the bottom of the dungeon. Here the party encountered a water elemental in the filth that sucked in its advasaries. Thanks in large part to Atlas’ grappling (It rhymes), the party vanquished the monster in the muck and proceeded on Chet Li’s floating disk to a small island. There they found an amulet that Capt. Merl picked up in curiosity. At that moment she was linked to the presence inside which turned out to be the Mayor before the last trapped in the amulet for 70 years who had gone insane. The amulet guided the party through the annoyingly long maze and into the area where treasure could be found. In the first room the party fought a mummi that they killed with fire. In this room was found a wide assortment of miraculous loot including: Treasure hunting spy glass for the Capt.
Next they came to a huge open gate area and battled a multi tentacle armed creature known as the King. Again the enlarge spells and Atlas’ grapple dominated the foe.
Here the group found 20 chests which included the following:

Inside one chest are several pounds of long-outdated investment papers, lists of debts, and various notes on blackmail victims—while once totaling nearly 120,000 gp in value, these papers are now worthless thanks to the passage of time and the deaths of most involved. Of
greater value are this chest’s other contents, including several valuable books. These books include an early Andoren philosophy book worth 200 gp, an illustrated scenic journey through Osirion worth 230 gp, a three-volume work on the teachings of a spirit naga entitled the Libra Malfactum worth 400 gp, and a spellbook containing 30 spells of your choice (10 of 1st level, 10 of 2nd level, seven of 3rd level, and three of 4th level). Hidden in the spine of the spellbook is a scroll of contagion (CL 9th). Under the books is a layer of 1,300 gp, along with a narrow ivory box with a carved lid depicting an army of golems destroying a city wall. The box is worth 800 gp, and it contains a golembane scarab and a wand of rusting grasp with 7 charges.

Stuff in the Chest

The party still needs to split up all this loot.

In the other chest the party retrieved the Cheliax Crux: which was gifted to Chet Li

The party then found themselves in front of 3 doors which transported them back to the church. When trying to leave, the amulet tried to seduce the Capt to staying, but luckily the capt was able to resist the temptation of the necklace, and left the dungeon. The amulet lost the presence inside it and will be re purposed towards other magical endeavors.

XP earned this game: 1700
Total xp of the party to this point: 25, 550
Party achieved 6th level


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