Council of Thieves

Continuing to Rob the Knot

still stuck in the dungeon looking for the key

On this game the players continued our dungeon crawl of Asmoedus’ knot. The party encountered several rooms that caused a -2 to dexterity when we tried to perceive the room due to the strange physics-altering magic on the rooms. In the first room, the party found a dead ork wearing a belt of Giant Strength +2) that was given to Atlas. Steph’s character sensed for hidden doors and the players found a room which contained two portals to the shadow realm. Abbie’s character smashed them both, which resulted in the party being saved from constant assaults of shadow creatures and earned the team 1600 xp. Next the players proceeded deeper into the dungeon and came upon a room where they encountered the thief Drowned Gabe in a pool with two other ghouls. The party killed the 3 monsters in this room and recovered a mask, 4 amethysts, a wand of levitation which was given to Steph.
The players then proceeded deeper into the dungeon where they then encountered a row of prison cells. One of the cells contained blood from a recent murder the Steph was able to sample and learn spells from with her crazy witch abilities. In the other room, there was a bearded devil talking to himself stuck in the cell. Abbie’s character had gone around in the hall to scope it out, when suddenly the devil teleported into the hall, sensing a magic item that Abbie has on his character but gets really defensive when we try to ask him about it. The team proceeded to do battle with the demon, killing him. Upon his death the devil was sucked up into a stone belonging to Steph’s character and now she will receive powers from him. The devil’s weapon was then left over. After some bickering as to who should grab the sword, Atlas finally grabbed the sword and put it on his back due to the fact he doesn’t use weapons.
Next up the characters wandered into a room with a living ball of chains which only tried to strike Abbie, then into a maze. At this point the party was seperated and it took several turns to be reunited. During this time Abbie’s character wandered off alone into a new set of rooms that consisted of different fears he was to conquer. Abbie made his way through the fear of fire room and into a room with several bad guys that made it clear he was in over his head. At this point the rest of the party finally made it out of the maze and sought him out to join Abbie, and that is where we ended the game.
Next game: finish moving through Asmodeus Knot.
XP for the party up to this game: 20, 750
next level (6th) at 23000


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