Council of Thieves

Robbing the Knot

storyline game

This game was the start of the much anticipated party at the Mayor’s mansion where the players planned to rob Asmodeus’ Knot to get the key to Delhaven. Capt Merl used her contacts with in the Halfling Liberation Front to get a job on the weight staff during the feast. She ensured that her party’s food wasn’t laced with drugs so that they would not fall into the madness of consumption and orgies that ensued during the feast. Once the rest of the party revelers were distracted, the team proceeded into the depths of the manor and found Asmodeus Knot, where the keys to Delhaven were stored. The Knot turned out to be a massive dungeon where the Mayor kept both his magical items and citizens that had fallen out of his favor.

During this games Kira (Steph’s character) was shot with a crossbow and poisoned, and Atlas was struck with Quills. Capt Merl collected one of the Quills for her alchemy collection.

We received 2 healing potions and 2 potions of restoration,

Current XP total after this was 19000 xp .
We paused the game here to resume later on when Abbie came back from Virginia.


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